Corporate governance

LLBG considers corporate governance as an absolute necessity for a strong, growing family business. Therefore, LLBG has further professionalized and expanded its governance in the past ten years. During the transition to the third generation, the LLBG holding company has been created in which all the companies of the group were brought together.

Family holding

The LLBG family holding directly owns all the shares in the ‘Milling Division’ and the ‘Bakery Divisions’. That structure guarantees simplicity and transparency for all financial stakeholders. Main financial objectives are long-term value creation and qualitative growth through innovation, continuous investments and entrepreneurship. LLBG publishes consolidated annual accounts since 2008.

Board of directors

The LLBG board of directors is composed of 4 family directors (1 per family branch) and 2 independent directors. The chairman of the board of directors has been chosen amongst the independent directors. The relationships between shareholders, the board of directors and operational management have been clearly defined as part of a Family Governance Charter.

  • Rudy Broeckaert 
  • Anthony Vanherpe
  • Guido Vanherpe (Managing Director)
  • Katrien Vanherpe
  • Mathieu Vanherpe
  • Rika Coppens

Family Business Award

In 2016 LLBG has been awarded the Family Business Award of Excellence (Belgium). 
Luc Van Nevel, Chairman of the Board:
“This award recognizes family businesses that stand out in terms of good governance both in the family and business,  their vision and maintenance of family values, and ensuring the entrepreneurial spirit is passed on from generation to generation.”
Family Business Award

Ethical business conduct

The LLBG Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out the Group’s standards of ethical conduct. It applies to all LLBG partners and employees, in every country in which the Group operates. All employees must perform their daily activities and their business objectives according to the highest ethical standards and principles using the LLBG Code of Conduct, translated in policies and procedures. Moreover, our company values aim to inspire our employees in their daily behavior and attitudes.

Code of conduct