LLBG sustainability report
on 2023 is out

Exciting news: we just published our sustainability report on 2023! 

At LLBG, we believe that sustainability is a force for good and a force for growth. We want to sustain our growth while moving towards a better world, across generations and beyond borders, becoming a bigger but above all a better company.

In 2023 we truly put our strategy into action: all 10 company-wide projects are up and running, each with measurable targets to track our progress. And we’re proud of our tangible accomplishments to date. Yet, we are conscious that we are only at the beginning of our journey, with many challenges still ahead.

We believe in the importance of sustainability reporting to increase the transparency and accountability of our initiatives. That’s why we want to share our sustainability journey with all our stakeholders. Read our 2023 sustainability report to discover our 2023 sustainability highlights and our bold ambitions for the years to come.

We hope this report will inspire you to join us in the pursuit of sustainability.