Paniflower announces ecosystem collaboration on regenerative agriculture

We’re excited to announce the collaboration between Paniflower (LLBG’s milling division), Paulig and BAT Agrar, creating an ecosystem between the entire value chain to transition to a more sustainable food system.

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BAT Agrar is set to provide Paniflower with 35.000 tons of regenerative wheat in the next three years, which Paniflower will transform into low-carbon flour for Paulig’s tortilla production in Belgium. This partnership aims to reduce the carbon footprint of wheat by as much as 35% and fits within LLBG’s ambition to reduce its scope 3 emissions with 25% by 2030.

The quality of bread & bakery products depends on top quality wheat, and that’s something that only a healthy planet can offer. At LLBG, we’re keen to support the shift to regenerative agriculture. To reduce the carbon footprint of wheat & flour, our most important raw materials, but also to improve soil health and biodiversity.

Regenerative agriculture is a set of sustainable agricultural practices that restores the balance in our ecosystems instead of depleting our natural resources, thereby improving soil health, mitigating climate change, supporting biodiversity and improving farmers’ livelihood.