New LLBG sustainability report is out


Exciting news: we just published our second sustainability report!  

At LLBG, we believe that sustainability is a force for good and a force for growth. We want to sustain our growth while moving towards a better world, across generations and beyond borders, becoming a bigger but above all a better company.

With this report, we want to share our new sustainability strategy with all our stakeholders. We look back at our 2022 sustainability highlights, while putting forth bold ambitions for the years to come. 

We find it important to celebrate our sustainability successes, while also acknowledging that we still have a long road ahead of us. With our employees, suppliers, customers and family shareholders, we look forward to baking a better world together

We hope this report will inspire you to join us in the pursuit of sustainability.

“Our 2022 sustainability report is the reflection of the vast progress we have made as a company since the publication of our first sustainability report in 2020. We’re proud to present our stakeholders with our renewed sustainability strategy, our KPIs to track our sustainability progress and our achievements up to date. We’re committed to improve our sustainability leadership because we’re convinced it’s they only way to stay relevant in the decades to come: to source our raw materials, to get funding, to meet consumer needs and to attract talent.”

Sidonie Descheemaeker
Sustainability program manager