Transitioning to more sustainable packaging

Packaging is indispensable for the protection and storage life of almost any product. Also for our bakery products at LLBG. Whether it’s paper, plastic or cardboard, it all has an impact on the environment. To limit our impact, we are continuously transitioning to more sustainable packaging.

How do we do that

By reusing material as much as possible. Today, on average more than 80% of LLBG’s packaging contains recycled content. In addition, the Group is experimenting with alternative sustainable packaging solutions such as returnable crates and linen bags for bread.

LLBG also committed itself to ban the use of unnecessary (single-use) plastics by:
  • Changing the design, the supply methods, etc. of its packaging. This has already resulted in the redesign of certain packaging, making it lighter or thinner, using less material, and replacing plastics with paper, cardboard, or recyclable materials.
  • Making all plastic packaging fully reusable, recyclable or compostable. As a result, > 90% of LLBG’s packaging is recyclable.
  • Ensuring all plastic is reused, recycled or composted. That is why LLBG prefers mono-materials for better recyclability.
How do we do that