La Lorraine Poland switches to 100% green electricity

At LLBG, the future is green. For the energy consumption we simply can’t avoid, we are committed to shift to renewable energy sources in the years to come. Our first focus is to switch to 100% green electricity (scope 2) by 2030, with our fuel and gas consumption (scope 1) following by 2039.

We’re proud to announce that, in January 2023, we made the switch to 100% renewable electricity for our production site in Poland. This resulted in a carbon reduction of more than 35,000 tons. Our other production sites will follow in the coming years. 

In 2022, we also kicked off our energy efficiency program. LLBG is committed to reduce its energy consumption with 4% year-on-year, because the best energy is the energy we don’t use.  

We began by creating awareness on our energy hotspots and identifying potential reduction areas. This means optimizing our processes and production efficiency, looking for alternative baking processes, and improving our building techniques and installations to make them more energy efficient. In 2022 alone, our first initiatives led to a reduction of 825,000 kWh compared to 2021. 

“Energy optimization has always been on our radar, but we moved to a different league since our family shareholders formulated LLBG’s renewed sustainability goals. We know that the transformation to a zero carbon business is the only way for our business to stay relevant in the next decade(s). Thanks to our ambitious targets, the energy transition has become part of all strategic discussions and has become a driver for innovation within our business. And it isn’t about the future anymore: what first seemed to be an unrealistic dream has now translated into a belief that a zero carbon business is possible and a roadmap to support our ambition.”

Jan Sinnaeve
Group Technical Service Manager