LLBG supplier code of conduct enters into force


At LLBG, we want to do business in an ethical way, from an environmental and a social perspective. That applies not only to our own operations but also when managing our supply chain. That’s why we strive for a responsible sourcing strategy that excels in the traditional procurement KPIs as well as in sustainability.  

We want to work with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and to reach our environmental, social and ethical ambitions related to deforestation, animal welfare and decent working conditions. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

In 2023, we translated our environmental, social and ethical expectations from our suppliers into a new LLBG supplier code of conduct. This code sets out the minimum that LLBG expects all its suppliers and sub-suppliers to respect, within their own operations and those of their supply chain.  

By the end of 2023, our target is that 75% of LLBG’s direct spend will be covered by our own code of conduct or a supplier’s equivalent. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

ESG questionnaire


In 2023, we will also start assessing the environmental and social impact of our suppliers through an ESG questionnaire. In 2023, we will focus on our top 100 suppliers, assessing 75% of our direct purchase spend.  

The responses will enable us to map the ESG performacnce of our suppliers and identify potential risk areas. We will work on those areas with our suppliers with the aim of developing an action plan and related KPIs, which will be reported in 2024. 

“To bake a better world, we need to act together with our supply chain. We want to connect with our suppliers, to understand where they are in their sustainability journey and what their potential hot topics are. But our responsibility doesn’t end there. We also want to engage with our suppliers in a genuine manner and incentivize them to become more sustainable. Through target-setting and regular measuring, but also through knowledge sharing and training sessions. It’s only by leveraging the power of our ecosystem that we will reach our goal: to inspire our suppliers to join our sustainability journey and to contribute, together, to a more sustainable future.”

Ilse Wuyts
Group Purchasing Director